IPv6 Planning and Design

IPv6 Planning and Design Training | Insoft Specials
IPv6 Planning and Design

IPv6 Planning and Design

3 Days Course
IP Networking (Insoft Specials)
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Course Details


This course aims to provide trainees with knowledge on IPv6 addressing implementation and on the new features of this protocol. IPv6 addresses structure and different types will be described, moreover IPv4 compatibility, routing and security issues will be discussed.


  • IPv6 addressing
  • IPv6 Datagram format
  • IPv6 Unicast, Multicast, Anycast
  • Link-Local, Site-Local, Global IPv6 Unicast addresses
  • Stateless AutoConfiguration
  • Stateful AutoConfiguration (DHCPv6)
  • IPv6 MTU
  • Neighbor Discovery (ICMPv6)
  • IPv6 Routing protocols
  • RIPng, OSPFv3,MP-BGP
  • Dual Stack and Tunneling
  • 6rd, DS-Lite, Teredo
  • NAT64 and DNS64
  • IPv6 over MPLS 6PE and 6VPE
  • Broadband Forum TR-177 and TR-187
  • Mobile IPv6
  • Home Agent and Care of Address

Target Audience

Network Manager and technical personnel involved in networking.


IP networking and IPv4 protocol good understanding.

Course Schedule

  Dec 11 - Dec 13, 2018