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Authorized Technology Provider

Get to Market Before Competitors

New specialty technologies help you succeed.


Authorized Technology Provider (ATP) programs act as the first-to-market opportunity for partners with specific skills, practices, and capabilities. Because the technologies are new or require special experience, partners can join these programs based on a match to required technology skills.



ATP programs often represent the newest Cisco technologies, which play a significant role in our architectural strategy. All ATP programs are aligned with the architecture that will bring the greatest opportunity for partners and customers.

Cisco architectures are not mutually exclusive; some ATP technologies may span across multiple architectures. The greatest value to the customer occurs by promoting cross-architectural solutions to solve their business issues. Architectures include:



The ATP program that aligns with Cisco Security is Identity Services Engine (ISE).




Data Center:

This architecture includes the Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) ATP and UCS Invicta ATP.



atp-service-providerService Provider IP NGN:

This architecture includes the Mobile Internet Technology ATP.



atp-collaborationCollaboration and Video:

As an essential component to the Collaboration architecture, TelePresence Video ATPs provide an opportunity for partners to succeed with many options. They include:



  • TelePresence Video Master
  • TelePresence Video Master Multinational
  • TelePresence Video Master MS Remote
  • TelePresence Video Master Global ATP

Beyond video, the collaboration architecture also encompasses Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) and WebEx SaaS ATPs.